A printer- and copying service (Printomat) is available on floor 4 (Frescativägen 24E) and at Art History on Frescativägen 26. The service allows you to pick up your printed documents at any compatible printer in the network. You can print and make copies in colour or black/white. To use a Printomat, you will need your university card.

Petter and Lotta

Petter and Lotta are the two printers in the mail room on Frescativägen 24E. You will need a personal code in order to print or copy on Lotta. You can get your code from Jenny Albani:

In order to print to Petter you need to connect your computer to the printer. If you need assistance, send an e-mail to: You can always copy or print from a usb-stick on Petter without any connection.


If a printer is about to run out of toner, you can pick up a new cartrige at Jenny Albani's room.