Emergencies & Crisis Plan

In Case of Fire

This section contains information on what to do in case of fire.

If you discover a fire, call 112 and ask for the fire-brigade.

Tell them:

  • where the fire is (the address)
  • what has happened
  • where you are calling from (telephone number)
  • who is calling (your name)
  • and answer any questions the alarm personnel may ask you

Evacuate the building and go to your designated Assembly Point, The lawn outside the Manne Siegbahn houses. Always meet arriving emergency vehicles and show them the way. Inform the Section for Safety and Security as soon as possible.

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In case of emergency
SOS Alarm:

Security guards:
08-16 22 16 

Security guards, after office hours:
08-16 42 00 (08-15 42 00)

Office hours
Student Health Services:

08-16 17 69, ingemar.dahlgren@su.se

Occupational health care services:
08-676 82 00

SAMIR - Anonymous incident reporting to police and university security

SAMIR is a reporting system for reporting crimes, incidents, occupational injury, occupational disease and environmental deviations. Answers to your notification will be sent to you by e-mail. You can also sign in and follow your case.