Realidad y proceso

Through a cross-disciplinary methodology, researchers from different continents will dialogue on topics related to the metaphysics of the process, such as becoming, space, time, life, among others. Its objective is to deal transdisciplinarily with the problem of the dynamism of reality. To this end, they will use the book Dynamic Structure of Reality, by the Spanish philosopher Xavier Zubiri, to read, review and debate within the general framework of the Philosophies of Process (classical and contemporary) and in updated dialogue with current science.  

Crossed themes (among others): 

  • Philosophy: Metaphysics, Philosophies of Process, Structuralism, Materialist Monism, Structural Realism, Philosophical Reology, Philosophy of Mind, Nature, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Social. 
  • Natural Sciences: Electromagnetism, Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, Genetics, Evolutionary Biology, Molecular, Cellular, Ecology, Ethology, Systemic, Neurosciences, Physical Anthropology. 
  • Human Sciences: Cultural Anthropology, Hermeneutics, Sociology, History, Natural Theology. 

Aimed at

Undergraduate or graduate researchers, junior or senior, in areas such as philosophy, physical and biological sciences, natural theology, etc. (No previous specific knowledge of the work in question or of its author is required). 

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