The cover illustration, by E. Gertrude Thomson, of The Nursery "Alice" by Lewis Carroll


In all times and in all cultures people have been telling stories and performing songs and poetry, practices which have led to the written text that we identify as literature.

But what is literature? What does it look like, how is it written and how is it designed? And who decides what literature is? These are the questions that our field focuses on. The literary researcher comment, analyses, historicizes and interprets literature.

Revolutions in Reading: Literary Practice in Transition

This online conference puts the searchlight on contemporary and historical revolutions of reading with four main streams of inquiry: “Critical and Postcritical Reading”; “Reading Across: Multilingualism, Translation and Comparison”; “Materialities of Reading”; and “Zooming In and Out: Reassessing Reading Methodologies”.

Two alumni nominated for The European Union Prize for Literature

The alumni Balsam Karam and Johanne Lykke Holm, from the Department of Culture and Aesthetics, have been nominated for The European Union Prize for Literature.

Literary debut by alumnus from the Department of Culture and Aesthetics

Johanna Hedman, author of the new novel Trion (en. The Trio), holds a Bachelor's Degree in Comparative Literature and International Relations from Stockholm University.

The concept of Nostalgia in children's literature

Literature Professor Boel Westin contributes to the second edition of the book Keywords for children's literature, with the article ”Nostalgia”.

Ocean Bound Women in the 19th century

This spring World Scientific Publishing will publish the book Ocean Bound Women (London och Singapore: WSPC, 2021), written by Anders Hallengren, associate professor in Literature at Stockholm university. The book presents unique materials from a sailor's coffin with hitherto unpublished materials from Swedish seafaring women from the 19th century.

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