Different supportive measures are offered for students with disabilities, but please note that all support for exchange students must be financed by the student's home university.

Some examples of the supportive measures offered are:

  • Talking books and braille
  • Sign language interpreter for students with hearing difficulties
  • Note taking assistance
  • Oral instead of written exam
  • Longer examination time
  • Special arrangements for teaching and examination

Students with disabilities who are in need of supportive adjustments should contact the Coordinator for students with disabilities or the dyslexia educationalist when applying to studies at Stockholm University. Some measures, like transfering a book to talking book, takes up to three months, why it is very important that we learn about your needs as soon as possible, to ensure that proper support can be provided.

For more information, please see: su.se/english/education/student-support/studying-with-a-disability