Röda rummet - The Red Room and The Music Library
Are situated in the Manne Siegbahn houses and and holds most of our course literature.

University Library
The University Library is situated in house D, Södra huset at campus. This is where you will find most of the required literature.

The National Library of Sweden
Have been collecting virtually everything printed in Sweden or in Swedish since 1661 and is also a humanities research library that purchases scholarly literature in several languages.

The Public Library of Stockholm
The library houses a large collection of books in various languages as well as newspapers, magazines, language courses, civic information material, music, films, computers, etc.

Statens musikverk – Music Development and Heritage Sweden
Is the government institution for the music scene in Sweden coordinating and supporting collaborative projects of national interest. The institution is also responsible for preserving, promoting and making accessible our cultural heritage within theatre, dance and music.

Dansmuseet (a museum for performing arts and visual arts)
The museum's archive focuses on dance performances and has a collection of over 2500 titles. (Information only in Swedish)

Carina Ari Library
The largest dance research library in Northern Europe.