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Educational System

A brief synopsis of the main features of the Swedish educational system.

  • Higher education in Sweden is divided into three cycles: the undergraduate, or first cycle (3 years), the Masters, or second cycle (2 years), and the PhD, or third cycle (4 years).
  • The BA, or first-cycle degree, comprises exactly 180 HECs, and the MA, or second-cycle degree, comprises exactly 120 HECs. In the second cycle, a Magister degree can also be granted after one year of studies.
  • The BA degree must include a major or area of concentration, within which the student must write a 15-HEC Undergraduate Essay (also called a ‘Degree Project’).
  • To apply for an advanced degree programme, a student must have completed the requirements for the undergraduate degree in question.
  • The university uses a credit system of ‘higher-education credits’ (or ‘HECs’) 30 HEC's is one full semester.
  • At Stockholm University we have a a goal-related seven-point grading scale (A, B, C, D, E, Fx and F) Passing grades are from A (the highest grade) to E.


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