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Courses and Credits

A course in the Swedish educational system contains several lectures and seminars and streches over a number of weeks.

If your rate of studies is 100% a 30 ECTS course would strech for the full semester, a 15 ECTS course would be for half a semester, and a 7,5 ECTS course would be about 5 weeks. During the duration of the course you can have somewhere between 1 and 3 lectures/seminars a week. If your rate of studies is 50% or 25% the duration of the course will usually be longer with fewer classes each week.

To think about when you apply for courses

  1. You must choose at least 30 ECTS each semester, but you can not be registered for more than 45 ECTS.
  2. You must take a minimum of 7.5 ECTS at the Department of Culture and Aesthetics.
  3. If you choose courses from other departments, you must yourself make contact with respective coordinator to see if they can accept you. Remember that other departments might have other times for enrollment as well as other rules and regulations.
  4. Make sure your coordinator at home as well as at Stockholm University approves your courses.
  5. Have a learning agreement signed by both your home university and Stockholm University. This assures you that you will get your coice of courses credited when you return home.
  6. Have any changes to your learning agreement approved by both your home university and Stockholm University, and write a new agreement if this is the case.

However you are also welcome to apply for our courses that are given in Swedish. To attend these, your Swedish must be good enough so that you can follow the lectures, attend the seminars, and read the literature, but you are fee to write your exams in English or (if your teacher also speaks it) your native language.


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