Tide pool

Tide pools are bodies of seawater that form on the shore during low tide. They are at this time cut off from the sea, and what can be observed is a habitat with animals and plants that are especially adapted to these conditions. In the planning of this project, social tide pools where forming all over the world due to the ongoing pandemic. Gatherings, in exhibition spaces and elsewhere, were no longer possible and the constant flux of people in physical spaces halted. The habitat changed from sea to tide pool.

Tide Pool is an exhibition with five artists set in a virtual space, accessed by physical means. The works are all made to be experienced with 360-degree technology, and while physical space is at times referenced, it is sparsely represented. Instead the spaces that the visitor will encounter are created by the minds of the artists, and then inhabited by the mind of the visitor. The touch of the hand, and the presence of a fellow visitor may at first seem absent during low tide, but when the immediate surroundings are cut off, for a moment, you are immersed in Tide Pool.


Adel Akram Alameddine
Karolina Brobäck
Jacob Broms Engblom
Valentine Isaeus-Berlin
Anna Nordström


Released online 11 June 2020 at www.tidepool.se.

An introduction to the exhibition together with the artists will take place on Zoom 11 June 2020 at 5 pm: https://stockholmuniversity.zoom.us/j/65914413391 

For further information:

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