Exhibition Open:

13-14 April, 12:00-17:00


13 April: 15:00 - Special performance by LIDIJA w/ refreshments 
14 April: 15:00 - Artist Talk w/ refreshments 

Welcome to Black Moon.

Black Moon. Poster by Victor Svedberg
Black Moon. Poster by Victor Svedberg

About the exhibition

Black Moon is a fantasy world created as an attempt to address pressing existential concerns: What is the meaning of Being? Who are we? How do we belong to the world? At a time when normative guides such as ritual or religion - traditional responses to these questions - have lost popular credibility, what will we turn to? Black Moon is one suggestion. A cult not of deception, but illusion, an homage to our imaginative ability to fill fictional worlds with meaning and live in them. A two-day exhibition, Black Moon brings together artists David Åberg, Linda Pedersen and LIDIJA.