The vernissage takes place on Friday October 21 at 9 PM. The exhibition is open on Saturday October 22, 2-3 PM, and on Sunday October 23, 2-3 PM.

The exhibition is curated by Gerald Heffernan, as a part of a degree project within Curating Art, International Master's Programme, at the Department of Culture and Aesthetics.

About the exhibition

A E S T H E T I C presents a selection of Vaporwave art works and music open to the public on Friday the 21st of October in Kummelholmen. Vaporwave is a micro music and visual art genre which originated in online social media sites in 2010. This selfconsciously punk scene appropriated the sounds of urban commercialism, such as shopping plaza, elevator and advertising music, remixing it with slowed down and looped early 90's funk and pop songs. The ambience of the music provides a subversive soundtrack for suburban living where the ideology and logics of commercialism are everpresent.

Following from the initial music scene, visual works began to proliferate on media sharing sites such as Reddit, Tumblr and Facebook. These artworks look at urban scenes of everyday life and architecture overlaying it with a Vaporwave aesthetic. Neon colours, pastel blue, turquoise and pink dominate the imagery which draw influence from Japanese culture along with a retro digital commercial aesthetic.

The exhibition event night opens in Kummelholmen on Friday the 21st of October at 8pm. Featured are works by six Vaporwave artists plus a six hour Vaporwave mix by internet DJ DJEDI accompanied by nostalgic visuals by Youtube content creator KeepingTheVive. The exhibition will feature a multiple projection installation displaying works by Lucy Crystal, Justin K. Egan, Vicktor Nillson and Daniel Zerev. In addition there will be an immersive GIF installation by the artist Vaporknave along with a hologram created by Emer Ní Chíobháin. On Saturday the 22nd at 2pm there will be a listening session of musician Donovan Hikaru's concept album, 'Business Travel Bonanza'. On Sunday the 23rd at 2pm there will be a listening session of Stevia Sphere's concept album, Pool Water Blue'.