Master Thesis, 30 ECTS

The course consists in the production of a Master thesis, which thematically or empirically relates to the student’s curatorial project and is defended by the student at an open seminar.

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International Master's Program in Curating, including Art, Management and Law

In addition, each student acts as opponent for another thesis at the same seminar. The thesis is supervised at recurring peer review seminars, but each student also has an additional, external reader who directs attention to the scientific content and structuring of the text.


Seminars with peer review, and individual supervision.

Forms of examination

The Master thesis is presented in an oral interrogation. In addition to presenting his/her thesis, the student shall also perform an interrogation of another student’s Master thesis.

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Curating Art

Chair of Programme and Course leader
Robin McGinley

Programme Coordinator
Alexandra Urefalk
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