Anabelle Lacroix.
Anabelle Lacroix.

–My Master thesis in the programme focused on representational frameworks within the gallery space through site-specific media installation. I was interested in analysing the consequence of conflation between the exhibition space and representational space of the video.  The idea was to reflect—from a theoretical point of view—on the nature of the exhibition space, and of video when the physical space experienced by the viewer is transposed in the moving image. I argued that the boundary between video and gallery space are both conflated and straightened. Never fully achieved, the conflation of spaces reveals staging as a method that reflects on the proprieties of video and of the gallery as a space of representation in itself.

–The final exhibition that I did was a site-specific installation by Australian artist Dominic Redfern. It responded to the exhibition space at the University and reflected on the colonial history of Europeans in Australia through the motif of the pine tree. The Baltic pine acted as a symbol: it is a material that was largely imported to Australia for building houses, while native Mallee pine was largely burnt down. The installation included a combination of footage from Australia and Stockholm, outdoors and in the gallery, together with an interview recorded with the artist that developed key points from my research. My exhibition and thesis worked closed together as practice based research.


–After the exam, I moved to Melbourne where I had done my 6 months internship. I did a graduate certificate in Public Art, willing to gain knowledge in practices outside of the gallery space, while developing curatorial projects, writing of my own and building a network in Melbourne. I got involved with Kings, an artist run space where I curated performances and exhibitions, and also worked as a casual staff at a gallery.

–Today, I'm mostly a freelancer, keeping an independent curatorial practice that I combine with ongoing employment and short contracts. I also work part-time as general manager of Liquid Architecture, a sound art organisation. I am furthermore a research assistant at the Victorian College of the Arts and tutor a curatorial intensive as part of the Master’s programme in arts management at RMIT University. I have been at Liquid Architecture for two years now and my role is focused on managing and administrating a program of performances, talks and workshops, developing partnerships, curatorial projects and supporting the development of the organisation. I am currently also working on two exhibitions that are planned to take place at independent spaces in Melbourne, and on a residency project in Taiwan.