Critical Editions in Culture and Aesthetics (CEiCA) (ISSN XXXX-XXXX) is a peer-reviewed series of scholarly editions of source texts published by Stockholm University Press. CEiCA aims to provide a publishing forum for translated, annotated, and introduced texts within the broad domain of culture and aesthetics, including, but not limited to, the disciplines of Art History, Heritage Studies, Curating Art, History of Ideas, Literary Studies, Musicology, and Performance and Dance Studies.

The ambition of CEiCA includes both to provide open access to manuscripts and out of print texts, and to introduce them with a contextualizing and critical apparatus. The series thus promotes the values of 1) making source texts available through digital means of access, and 2) recognizing critical editing as a scholarly achievement in its own right. English translations that make Swedish texts accessible to international scholarly communities are encouraged.   

As the CEiCA publications are required to be the products of scholarly achievements, the series does not include facsimiles, reprints, or other editions without a critical apparatus that contextualizes, explains, problematizes, and evaluates the source texts through introductions, annotations, footnotes, further references, bibliography, indexing, etc.