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In connection with Professor Ndalianis' visit, PhD students and senior researchers are invited to participate in a workshop aimed at bringing together scholars interested in popular culture and popular media research. The workshop functions as a forum to exchange ideas and make new acquaintances, and not least, to discuss your own project.

​The workshop's specific and more general concerns include, but are not limited to: cultural history, popular culture and media, subculture, and entertainment culture.

The sessions are based on case studies and ideas generated and presented by the participants. The discussions of each case aim to encourage participants to explore specific approaches, challenge assumptions and develop new perspectives on their work. The participants are provided with a short reading list before the workshop so that they can be prepared to discuss particular aspects of their own research projects in relation to popular culture research. These sessions are facilitated and chaired by Angela Ndalianis.

Abstracts due

Deadline for abstracts (300 words max): 15 February 2018

Please submit your abstract proposal to:

Organising committee:

Toivo Burlin, Per Israelson, Christer Johansson, Jacob Kimvall, Tiina Rosenberg, Lydia Wistisen.