Exhibition dates:

Saturday 28th April – Saturday 5th May

Opening hours:

11:00 – 16:00 on Sunday
12:00 – 17:00 on weekdays

About the exhibition

Then a moment passed and all was changed., named after a passage in Watt, Samuel Beckett's last novel, is a collective exhibition that will take place in thechapel of Resurrection located in Skogskyrkogården.

A certain idea remains to sacred environments, one of communion and exchange between people, while today, distance, individuality and anonymity prevail. In our frenetic contemporary days, time is a luxury, and idleness is necessary.

Stay still, be quiet, feel.

The chosen artists understand and question with their work the relation between place, instant and people, an essential quality to be transmitted in a place already so charged and immutable. Revealing exchange, encounter and experience, their artistic conception embraces tenderness as a force of resynchronization.

With simplicity, almost laconically, their works seek to move away from the hyper-technology and turn towards the immaterial. This exhibition is about slow-art and tries to answer to a lack of care and contemplation. 

This project is part of a degree project within Curating Art, International Master’s Programme at Stockholm University, and is supported by Stockholms Stad.

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Finissage of the exhibition / Concert, Watt:

Saturday 5th May, 14:00 – 16:00

Watt, concert: 14:30

WATT is a clarinet quartet based in Paris, and a drone music project.

Sitting quietly in a large, resonant space, playing a diluted, introverted sound, the musicians invite the visitor to abandon the hustle and fall in the vibrant fixity created by the expanding drone.

They will close with simplicity Then a moment passed and all was changed during the finissage.

Julia Adzuki & Patrick Dallard, bAUM

“We are moved by and made of vibrations”. The artists explore the entanglement of bodies and environments as vibrational beings. bAUM is an acoustic string and drum instrument for experiencing acoustic resonance throughout the body. An instrument for tuning the whole self and opening intuition through which the experiential meets the imaginal.

The artists are based in Gnesta and host bAUM sessions on registration.
Their other instrument “Resonant (Body)” was part of the touring exhibition Kännbart.
The piece has recently been bought by Scenkonstmuseet and is now part of their permanent collection.


Anthony Croizet, Repose-poignet (Wrist Rest)

Two chairs, a table. On the table, a wrist-rest. This minimal installation is not an object, but a gesture. It is not an injunction, but an invitation to sit face to face with a friend, or a stranger, to slow-down, to care, and to feel each other’s pulse.

The idea is to replace this gesture – historically medical – in a poetic and spiritual sphere: only able to function when listening and slowing down, the goal of the piece is to serve not only the quest for the self but also the quest for the other.

Repose-poignet was exhibited in June 2017 in St-Merry church in Paris.

Joon-joung Yoo, Une Sculpture qui se complète avec le vent

“I choose to reduce the volume so that my work doesn’t impose its weight on the world”.

Based in Paris but born in Suwon, South Korea, this emerging artist uses traditional Korean weaving techniques to create a 5 meters tall moving sculpture, transparent, contemplative but dynamic, almost organic, showing a change of present: a poetry aiming to open the perception of the spectator.



The chapel of Resurrection, Skogskyrkogården

Located in the Unesco World Heritage Skogskyrkogården, designed by Lewerentz and completed in 1925, the Chapel of Resurrection has the look of a neo-classicist temple. It stands at the end of the long, straight path to the south called Seven Springs Way. skogskyrkogarden.stockholm.se