White flowers in a vase.

Studio Sol presents work from Iceland-based artists Kathy Clark, Claudia Hausfeld, and Nina Zurier. This Reykjavík-based home gallery will take shape in a new iteration in the living room of an apartment in Sodermalm, Stockholm. Join for an intimate evening of art and connection.

Warped presents photographic and sculpture work that focus in on the object, distorting representational forms, shapes, and beings, until they take on a new life and purpose. While Clark’s creatures border between organic forms and fantasy, Zurier and Hausfeld contemporarily rethink the still life format through photography. In this exhibition, all three artists work with a tactile handling of an object, changing them from one state into another, less representational, less recognizable state.

In Zurier’s series, Artificial Landscapes, she photographs flowers hand picked from a local florist´s shop, creating compositions reminiscent to a landscape. Through manipulating proportions, light, and materials, our understanding of what is staged and what is real becomes warped as well. They contain a delicate beauty in their arrangements, while creating effectively complex and perplexing compositions that confuse representation and reality. In her series Untitled Photograms, Hausfeld also gently nods towards the traditional still life, creating abstract representations of mundane objects in a “cameraless” photographic process. Made in the darkroom, the artist places different objects on light sensitive paper, and through developing, the input of chemicals and light functions much like a painterly brush. The lines between painting and photography become blurred. Clark’s fantastical creatures are something out of a fairy-tale, somewhere rooted in the natural world but still largely planted in the wild imagination of the artist. Her objects reference animals, figures, and stories that we all relate to and understand, but tactically distorts them until their references to reality become blurred.

About Studio Sol

Studio Sol is a curatorial space presenting exhibitions in my home in Reykjavik’s artist-inhabited community in the warehouse district in Höfðabakki. Studio Sol will showcase the artistic and cultural talent and beauty of Reykjavik and its unique artistic expression. This attention to experimentation, innovation, and the unorthodox is its focus and mission statement, a playground for artists to attempt something new, fearless of the consequences, to see what can be, and what can be created. Studio Sol will exhibit contemporary, experimental, and performance art, with a specific focus on newly emerging artists and talent in Reykjavik´s art world, to provide an opportunity and locus for curators, artists, and collectors to connect and engage in artistic dialogue and expression. We will focus on the diversity of voices in Reykjavík, and the common thread that they weave together.