Lydia Touliatou // Miia Mäkilä // Konstantinos Glynos // Alice Clayton

1 st June 2018 // Performances 2pm - 2.30pm / 3.15pm - 3.45pm

2 nd June 2018 // Performances 2pm - 2.30pm / 3.15pm - 3.45pm

Re 404.21ppm
Re 404.21ppm - a performative enquiry into memory, access and climate change.

What slight difference can cause real change? Do we resist denial, boredom and apathy, those conditions which support a systemic disconnection from our natural atmospheres? Can repeated action and routine provide us with tools to forge intrinsic understanding of the climate crisis faced today? How can we – humans – investigate the Anthropocenic psyche?

Re 404.21ppm explores human/climate cognition through the mediums of motion, sound and light. Two dancers perform symbiotically with a musician. At points they act in resistance, sometimes they compound. Reflecting, struggling and collaborating, they invite you to engage with an enquiry into an intangible yet present situation, supporting physical and psychological access into ways we think about our changing planet

*CO2 in atmosphere in parts per million, mean average, 2016. As according to NOAA ERSL Data, Mauna Loa CO2 Records.

Lydia Touliatou // Choreography

Lydia recently graduated from Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, London. Her choreography is situated in cross disciplinary collaboration, site specific performance and the synthesis of contemporary technique with tradition. Her training consists of Classical Indian Dance (Bharatanatyam), ballet and release technique, and these have formed the basis for projects including A Response to Abstract Expressionism, part of the Next Choreography Festival at the Siobhan Davies Studio (2017) and Assemblies, as part of Resolution 2017 Dance Festival. Lydia completed a work placement with Batsheva Dance Company in Tel Aviv, Israel in 2016, and she has collaborated with the choreographers Marina Collard, Stephanie Schober and has worked on Diagonal of Yvonne Rainer by Sara Wookey. In June, she will be performing in two multidisciplinary projects which involve music composition, visual art and drawing in collaboration with students from Trinity Laban and UAL respectively. Sara Wookey. In June, she will be performing in two multidisciplinary projects which involve music composition, visual art and drawing in collaboration with students from Trinity Laban and UAL respectively.

Konstantinos Glynos // Instrumental

Konstantinos Glynos is a Greek London-based musician, playing the Turkish Kanun. He has performed in Athens and London with a repertoire consisting largely of traditional Greek and classical Ottoman music. Over the last two years as a student at Goldsmiths University, London, he has explored experimental approaches to his instrument, transcribing numerous compositions towards creating a Baroque repertoire for the Turkish Kanun. He plays with Eastern Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and Greek experimental and traditional collectives. He has also participated in the first two Rebetiko Carnivals and collaborated with choreographer Lydia Touliatou across several pieces.

Miia Mäkilä // Dance

Finnish-born Miia started dancing at the age of 4 at a local ballet school. She trained in different dance styles until she found contemporary dance and moved to London. Miia graduated from Trinity Laban in 2017 with a first class honours degree. During her studies she worked with choreographers such as Sara Wookey, Lizzi Kew-Ross and Ben Wright amongst others, and was invited to a work placement with Batsheva Young Ensemble in Tel Aviv, Israel. She is currently working with Sadler’s Wells Young Associate artist Wilhelmina Ojanen for a premiere in October and a dance company called Meta4dance for a performance in July. In addition, she has recently completed a placement with Anna Watkins.

Alice Clayton // Curation

Alice is a facilitator of creative endeavours which critically engage with perception, learning mechanisms and notions of change. She has worked principally with artists exploring social and environmental change, previously as coordinator of the O N C A Gallery in Brighton and then through her MA studies in Curating, Arts Management and Law at Stockholm University. Currently, Alice is exploring emergent community arts and outreach for a new London-based charity, whilst producing exhibitions and events in Brighton, London and Stockholm. For Alice, the Arts represent ongoing enquiries into systemic change, and her work aims to support the artists driving it.