Swedish Museum of Natural History, the collection of mammals at Westman Palace 1897.
Swedish Museum of Natural History, the collection of mammals at Westman Palace 1897.

The project takes the Swedish Museum of Natural History as a starting point for a dialogue about artistic and curatorial practices in the context of natural science and ideology in the present environmental situation. The museum can be seen as a container, raising questions about cultural heritage, colonialism, posthumanities, evolution and species extinction.

The project, which is led by guest professor Lina Selander from the Royal Institute of Art, began with seminars and guided tours at the Swedish Museum of Natural History. Researchers and invited lecturers shared their perspectives on the historical and contemporary role of natural history museums, with a focus on notions of collecting and systematizing. Drawing from these experiences, the students of the Royal Institute of Art have developed research methods using archival material and other historical sources, leading up to newly produced works that will be presented at Accelerator in close collaboration with students from the Master’s Programme in Curating Art. The geographical and contextual area shared between Accelerator, the Swedish Museum of Natural History and Stockholm University, creates a foundation for further explorations of the connections between art and science. 

Time and place:

Guided tours everyday at 13:00, beginning in the reception at Accelerator.
14–16 February, 12:00–18:00.


Initiator and project leader: Lina Selander


Mattias Andersson, Tobias Bradford, Karolina Brobäck, Sara Ekholm Eriksson, Simon Ferner, Lior Nønne Malue Hansen, Tim Høibjerg, Valentine Isæus-Berlin, Newsha Khadivi, Johanna Kindahl, Linnea Lindberg, Lina Lundquist, Georg Nordmark, Emilie Palmelund, Sixten Sandra, Klara Zetterholm


Yuying Hu, Elias Kautsky, Silvia Thomackenstein, Anne Vigeland