Dr Tony Wall, Affiliated Professor at the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences Education

Tony Wall is a Professor of Transformational Learning at University of Chester and head of International Centre for Thriving, a global scale collaboration between business, arts, health, and education to deliver sustainable transformation. During 2021 he is an affiliated professor at the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences Education. His research interests involve organizing and organization for psychological resilience, thriving, and wellbeing as part of sustainable development, organizational and leadership development and change and arts-based methodologies. 

During this year at the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences Education he is, together professor Eva Österlind i.a, working on a project on explorative inter-action workshop in Higher Education for sustainability. He is also involved in a research application for a pan-Nordic study of aesthetic leverage for climate-change adaptive behaviour and will additionally take part in doctoral supervision at the department. 

Tony Wall, what does this affiliation mean to you?

– I am delighted to be able to work even closer with colleagues at Stockholm University, and strengthen the creative collaborations we have had for a number of years. Creativity and sustainability underpin everything we do, and I am keen to enable others to benefit from such work.

Learn more about his research here.