Teaching and Learning Seminars

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Teaching and learning seminars

Människor i öppen lokal. Foto: Mediabanken

Teaching and learning seminars for those who teach students at the university and are curious about research on teaching and learning in higher education. At each seminar, we invite a researcher to present current research on teaching and learning in one or more subject areas. By attending the seminars, you will have the opportunity to replenish your knowledge and gain inspiration and ideas for your role as a teacher.

The programme will be published on a regular basis.


husera@su is a seminar series focusing on teaching and learning in the humanities, social sciences and aesthetic subject traditions in higher education.


Contact us with any questions regarding our courses.

E-mail: ceul@su.se

Clara Fagerlind, Phone: 08-16 3165

Karin Christoffersson, Phone: 08-16 4093