This is what CeUL does

  • We provide professional development courses in higher-education pedagogy for university teachers and educational leaders.
  • In addition, we organize a variety of competence-raising activities such as conferences and workshops.
  • We follow, and also contribute to, research in both general and subject-specific pedagogy for higher education since this supports the development of creative and student-activating teaching.
  • With the development of teaching in focus we support and carry out various pedagogical development projects at the university.
  • Last but not least we have the privilege of administering the university’s prestigious prize The Award for Good Teaching.

CeUL is a network

CeUL is a network of nodes lead from an administrative office located in the Department of Education. Educational developers and researchers from the Department of Computer and System Sciences, the Department of Mathematics and Science Education, the Department of Education and the School of Law are included in the network. All in all there are about 15 members of staff engaged in teaching and administrative duties in CeUL. In addition, teachers from the whole university work with CeUL as  ‘educational ambassadors’.